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Game Off 2020 Submission!

Embark on a lone, perilous, mission of Cadet Howard Moonshine in this satire/parody of the 20th century space race! Thrilling first person platformer. Jump, shoot, wall-run, and dash to traverse heights and obstacles by turning foes into launchpads of freedom!

First Person Shooter & Platformer

Made in  30 days in Unreal Engine!

How to Play: 

W - A - S - D:  Movement 

Mouse Movement:  Look Around / Aim

Spacebar:  Jump

Hold Space (while in midair):  Slow Decent/Hover 

Shift:  Dash

Left Mouse Button:  (LMB) Shoot

Hold Left Mouse Button (LMB):  Charge Shot

Hold Right Mouse Button (RMB):  Aim Down Sight

Jump into Blue Panels and Hold Forward:  Wall-Run

F11:  Toggle Fullscreen/Windowed

Gameplay is also compatible with a controller, but the menu system currently requires a mouse!


Chris - Code (UE4 Blueprint), Compiler, Systems Designer, Sound Implementation, AI, UI/UX Design, VFX

Austin Edwards - Code (UE4 Blueprint), Game Designer, Technical & VFX Artist, Level Design, Sound Implementation, UI/UX Design

Nathan Pierce - Environment Artist, Lighting, Level Design, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Coding (UE4 Blueprint), Technical Artist

Kevin Chung - Character Artist, 3D Prop Artist, Texturing 

Alex Cote - Composer, SFX Designer/Artist 

Robert Cote - Voice Over Artist

Kate Jones - Graphic Designer, UI Illustrator,  Animator

Install to Play Instructions: 

Just download, unzip, and double-click the .EXE icon and play!

Updates to Page Since Submission:

- Updated a few roles to the credits

- Added Chris as a collaborator!

- Updated description

- Implemented a fix for a bug that could occur during the final boss, preventing completion of the game.

- Added "Wall-Run" to controls

- More screenshots!


CosmonautyGame.zip 541 MB


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I tried out the game but was stuck pretty fast. Perhaps because it is late here but I couldn't figure it out. Find below my review:

16:39 Cosmonauty

21:30 Cosmonauty, gameplay

Hey, thanks for trying it out!  It appears that the part you got stuck on was the wall-running.  If you jump into the blue wall panels and continue to hold forward, your character will stick and run along them, allowing you to either jump again or just run to the other side!  I certainly agree that we could have been more clear on this mechanic, perhaps by actually using the term wall-running in game instead of just explaining the controls to do so.  This will definitely help us improve the player experience.  Thank you so much for the feedback and also the video review!